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Beth’s Grammar School


Established in 1911 in London’s thriving borough of Bexley, it was originally known as Erith County School. Its present name, Beth’s Grammar School, came into existence in 1945 as a nod to its roots, with “Beth” derived from Bexley and Erith.


Year after year, Beth’s Grammar School sees a high number of applications, a testament to its prestige and the quality of education it offers.

The school accepts approximately 180 boys into Year 7 each September. However, with an average of over 1000 applications received annually, competition is intense. The selection process involves an eleven-plus (11+) examination that includes Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests.

Student Profiles

At Beth’s Grammar School, you’ll find a diverse group of ambitious, engaged, and high-achieving boys. The school is proud of its inclusive atmosphere that fosters a strong sense of community among its students. The boys are encouraged to engage in a broad spectrum of activities outside the classroom, cultivating interests in sports, arts, community service, and leadership roles. The school’s students have consistently achieved excellent results, with many moving on to study at top universities in the UK and around the world.

Facilities and Amenities

Beth’s Grammar School is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that complement its curriculum and enrich the educational experience. The campus boasts modern classrooms, advanced science labs, an expansive library filled with an impressive array of books and digital resources, and a well-equipped sports complex, among other amenities.