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Grammar schools in London FAQ

What are grammar schools?

Grammar schools in the UK are a type of state-funded secondary schools that select their students based on academic ability, usually determined by an entrance examination known as the 11-plus. Historically, grammar schools have placed a strong emphasis on academic achievement and have traditionally offered a more academically rigorous curriculum compared to other types of secondary schools.

Some people consider grammar schools to be free private schools.

Are grammar schools free?

State grammar schools are free. Beware that some private schools might call themselves Grammar schools, when they actually charge tuition fees. Always check that you are looking at a state grammar school if you are looking for free education.

How can you get a place at a grammar school?

Children will have to take a competitive exam:

  • Not everyone who passes the exam is offered a place.
  • There are many more applicants than places available in grammar schools.

How many grammar schools are there in London?

There are currently 19 grammar schools in and arond London.

Where are the grammar schools in London located?

Grammar schools are located in various parts of London, but none of them are located in Central London.

You will find most of them in North London, South London and South-West London.

Do you need to live close to a grammar school to be allowed to join?

You do not need to live next to a grammar school to be able to join, however some grammar schools might take the distance into account. Distance between the home and the grammar school never is the only criteria taken into account by grammar schools.