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Wilson’s School


Founded in 1615, Wilson’s School is a cherished institution with a history that runs deep into London’s academic landscape. Initially set up in Camberwell by the philanthropist Edward Wilson, the school relocated to its current location in Wallington in 1975. Despite the passage of time and changes in location, Wilson’s School remains steadfast in its commitment to offering the highest standard of education to its students, continually enhancing its reputation as one of London’s leading grammar schools.


Wilson’s School is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, delivering education to boys aged 11-18 and welcoming girls into the Sixth Form. The robust curriculum offers a broad spectrum of subjects at GCSE and A-Level, encouraging students to pursue their interests and fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity.

Beyond academics, Wilson’s School actively promotes personal growth and character development. The experienced teaching staff at Wilson’s is deeply invested in nurturing the students’ abilities, both in and out of the classroom, ensuring the school continues to produce well-rounded, successful individuals.


Every year, Wilson’s School admits 180 boys into Year 7. With over 3000 applications received annually, the admissions process is highly competitive. The selection procedure involves an 11+ entrance exam, primarily focusing on English, Mathematics and Reasoning, designed to identify the top academic performers. Candidates who pass the initial exam are then invited back for a second round of testing.

Student Profiles

The students at Wilson’s School represent a diverse, ambitious, and academically-driven community. They consistently achieve exceptional results in their studies, with a significant number securing places at top UK universities, including Oxbridge, each year. However, Wilson’s students are more than just academic achievers. They actively participate in a broad range of extracurricular activities, from sports to arts, music, and an array of clubs, creating a balanced and vibrant school experience.


Wilson’s School is equipped with an impressive range of state-of-the-art facilities that support its comprehensive curriculum. These include modern classrooms, fully-equipped science and IT labs, a well-resourced library, and specialist facilities for music, drama, and art. Sports facilities include a sports hall, gym, cricket nets, and large playing fields. These facilities significantly enhance the educational experience at Wilson’s, ensuring students have every opportunity to excel both acadically and in their personal pursuits.